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Here’s the thing about smart phones and smart homes: It takes a lot of brain power to keep straight what capabilities they have and how to make them work for you. Now, with the availability of Apple® AirPlay 2® on the latest Yamaha MusicCast-enabled devices, a solution is at hand.

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AirPlay® is Apple’s proprietary technology that allows users to stream audio or video from any current Apple device to an enabled device, such as a speaker. It’s been an integrated part of MusicCast speakers, receivers and more since their inception.

The recently introduced AirPlay 2 takes things one step further by adding the ability to share music (or video) with multiple connected devices, as long as the Apple device is running iOS11. Compatible devices include the HomePod®, iPad®, iPhone® and Mac® computers. Audio streaming can be done through any AirPlay-compatible speaker, stereo receiver or AV receiver. Video streaming is limited to Apple TV® devices.


Let’s take a look at the features and capabilities that AirPlay 2 adds to MusicCast:

Expanded Streaming Service Choices

Aside from being able to use a wide array of existing streaming services with MusicCast, such as Spotify, Pandora® and TIDAL, you can now add Apple Music® to the mix. As the number one streaming service in the world, Apple Music offers 50 million songs with different tiers of membership access, including a three-month free trial. Users can download their favorite tracks to play them offline and have access to their entire iTunes® library at the same time. They can also listen across all Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad and Home Pod.

Stream to Multiple Rooms Simultaneously

The MusicCast Controller app now allows you to stream Apple Music (as well as other streaming services) from your iPhone, iPad, HomePod or Mac to multiple Yamaha devices and other AirPlay 2-enabled speakers, all perfectly in sync. (You can also use Airplay 2 to stream via Bluetooth® to any single MusicCast device.) Compatible Yamaha products include the MusicCast 20 and MusicCast 50 wireless speakers, MusicCast VINYL 500 Wi-Fi turntable and the latest MusicCast-enabled AV receivers.

To stream to different rooms at the same time, open the MusicCast Controller app, click on the device you want to stream to (this is normally a room name or names) and select the streaming service of your choice:

To add rooms, click the link button and select the room or rooms you wish to add. It’s that simple! If you prefer, you can also use the Home app on your iOS device to make custom configurations.

Voice Control with Siri

AirPlay 2 simplifies your experience with voice control too. Using the Apple voice assistant Siri, you can now send music to any eligible MusicCast-enabled device with phrases like, “Hey Siri, play Favorite 1 in the living room.” Or, try, “Hey Siri, add the bedroom” if you want to link rooms together.

With AirPlay 2 and MusicCast, playing your favorite tunes from any streaming service and listening in multiple rooms has never been easier.

Click here to learn more about MusicCast and its capabilities.


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Yamaha Np 12 Review

Hello, Searched forums w/o any luck. Anyone out there runing one of the Yamaha CAVIT Personal Recievers (Amplified Audiophile grade external sound card)?
Detaisl on the Yamaha here- http://www.yamahamultimedia.com/yec/products/cavit/rpu100.asp
BTW, it has been discontinued fo rseveral years, but is really cool component foru Audiophile enthusiasts.
My set up is 2.0 Ghz Macbook Pro running the latest version of Tiger.
I bought one of the Yamahas after seeing posts that Yamaha had developed a MAC compatible software interface, only to find out that Yamaha no longer offers the MACC download on thier site. This is an a older product and from waht I can gather the MAC interface ws in beta, althoghh there are some reviews out there that indicate the Ymaha divice was supported and operated by simply plugging in the USB connection to thier Macs.
The Yamaha does show up in the sound devices on my Macbook Pro and the MBP built in speakers are bypassed when I select the Ymaha under sound devices, however I am not getting any signal to the Yamaha. OS indicates that the Yamaha has no output controls and I am assuming that is because I have not installed any drivers.
I currently have it operating using the digital optical out on my Airport Eexpress, but i don't know if that is as clean as the direct USB connection would be. My goal is to bypass the MBP internal sound card an dprovide the Yamaha the best signal possible to drive my Polk Audio Sat Sub.
Anyone out there runing one of these succesfully or know where i might locate the drivers fo rdownload? I have inquired with Yamaha customer service and am awaiting a reply.

Yamaha Np 12 Software Mac Download Free

MBP 2.0, Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Yamaha Np 12 Software Mac Download Version

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