Why Isn't My Adobe Photoshop Download Opening On Mac

Unable to open image file on Adobe Photoshop? Get Remo Repair PSD tool for free and fix Photoshop not displaying image problem in just 4 easy steps on both Windows and Mac platforms.

I had a different Mac App Store application give me the same message last night so I trashed it and redownloaded, and that one worked fine afterwards, so I’m not sure why Elements isn’t working. I did see a thread on the Photoshop Elements user forum where people are having the same problem you are; you might want to follow or join that. Look for Adobe Photoshop CS5 and the message “Allow the apps below to control your computer”. What to do when apps won’t open in Mojave If you are using old apps it is likely that you will have.

Any solution for Photoshop problem not showing the image?

“Hi, I just installed Adobe Photoshop on my Windows 10 PC and it does not show any images. When I open the PSD image file, it just pops up a window with black screen. Is there any solution to fix Photoshop not displaying image issue? Please help!”

Handy tips to fix Photoshop not displaying the image

1. Try resetting your Adobe Photoshop Preference file

  • To do this, launch Photoshop and hold down Ctrl+Alt+Shift keys (Windows) or Command+Option+Shift (Mac)
  • Click on “Yes” option to the message “Delete the Adobe Photoshop Settings file?

2. Disable OpenGL Drawing option

  • Open Preferences by pressing Ctrl+K (Windows) or Cmd+K(Mac)
  • Under Performance, you need to uncheck “Enable OpenGL Drawing” option
  • Terminate and restart the Photoshop

The above mentioned tips definitely fixes Adobe Photoshop not opening images issue on both Windows and Mac operating system. In case the problem is not fixed, then it means that the PSD image file is corrupted.

Does this mean that you cannot access your images?

No, it is still possible for you to repair images in Photoshop with the help of Remo Repair PSD tool. The software effectively fixes all issues and makes it an error free Photoshop file with all layers and color modes intact. Regardless of the reason behind not opening images on Photoshop, the utility repairs it in just mere second.

4 easy steps to perform Adobe Photoshop not opening images fix with Remo Repair PSD

Download and install Remo Repair PSD software to fix Photoshop not displaying image issue on Windows 10/8/7 or Mac OS X 10.12/10.11/10.10/etc. After installing the tool, you need to run and follow the below guide.

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair PSD and click on “Browse” button to select the Photoshop file not displaying image, then click “Repair” icon to start fixing the issues.

Step 2: The tool automatically starts detecting and fixing all the issues in the selected Photoshop file which you can see by looking at the progress bar.

Step 3: After the PSD file is fixed, click “Preview” icon to see the repaired PSD image file along with its layers and content.

Step 4: Browse the destination location of your choice and click on “Save” to save the error free PSD file back to your system.

What are the other advantages of Remo Repair PSD tool?

With self-descriptive user interface, Remo Repair PSD program makes Adobe Photoshop not opening images fix process clear and easy for both technical/non-technical users. It is capable of repairing RLE compressed PSD image file in just few simple steps. Other characteristics of the tool includes:

  • Restore individual layers and mask files of damaged or corrupted PSD file
  • Supports to repair large PSD / PDD file which won’t open due to any reasons
  • Repairs Photoshop file header when it gets damaged due to improper handling or application crash
  • Damaged, broken and unreadable PSD files will be fixed with ease
  • Easily fix PSD file of depth 1,8,16 and 32 bits per channel

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Here is an article explaining why your PSD file cannot open in Photoshop. Also, explore a few successful methods to fix PSD file not opening in Photoshop error with ease.

Common errors that mean PSD File in Photoshop is unable to open:

  1. Could not complete your request because it is not a valid Photoshop document.
  2. Photoshop cannot open files in the format.
  3. Photoshop does not recognize this type of file.
  4. PSD not a valid Photoshop document.
  5. File could not be found Photoshop.
  6. Open with Photoshop not working.
  7. Photoshop won’t open files

Before you move on to the different methods to fix Photoshop not opening PSD files. Let’s understand the different reasons that cause the PSD file not opening in Photoshop.

Reasons for errors leading to PSD File Not Opening in Photoshop:

  1. Adobe Photoshop application malfunction.
  2. PSD files are damaged or corrupted.
  3. Abrupt termination of Photoshop while editing or saving the PSD file.
  4. Opening .psd file with incompatible Adobe Photoshop version.
  5. Editing PSD file directly from removable drives
  6. Utilizing unreliable tools to restore PSD files.

How To Fix PSD File Not Opening In Photoshop?

Method 1: Re-Open the PSD files

If you are unable to open PSD files on Photoshop then, wait for some time. And thereafter try to reopen the PSD file. If the file still doesn't open in Photoshop, then move on to the next method.

Method 2: Check/Uncheck OpenGL Display and Update Device Drivers

  1. Go to Photoshop > Select Edit > Click Preferences > Choose Performance > Now, a window will open: Uncheck [ ] Enable OpenGL Display and click OK.
  2. Now close and restart Photoshop.
  3. Enable OpenGL Display after updating your display driver, or else you will not be able to use OpenGL features.

Method 3: Reinstall Adobe Photoshop


If none of your PSD files open on the Adobe Photoshop tool. Then, this issue might be related to the application itself. During such times, the best way to fix this error is to reinstall Photoshop application and try reopening the PSD file.

If you are unable to fix the error even after reinstalling the application, then move on to the next method as this can be due to the severe corruption or damage to the PSD file.

Utilize the Remo Repair PSD, a user-friendly tool to quickly fix PSD file not opening in Photoshop issue. This tool requires only 3 clicks to safely repair any corrupt or damaged PSD and PDD file.

Method 4: Fix PSD File Not Opening in Photoshop Using Remo Repair PSD Tool

If Your PSD file is severely virus-infected, then you cannot open or access the PSD file. Any corruption or damage in the PSD file pops up error messages. The only way to open a PSD file in Photoshop is by repairing it using Remo Repair PSD software.

Remo Repair PSD is a reliable tool that comes in handy when the PSD file does not open in Adobe Photoshop. You can also use this Remo PSD File Repair Tool to repair damaged PDD files. Remo Repair PSD tool is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows and Mac operating systems like Windows 10 and macOS Catalina.

Steps To Repair PSD File Not Opening in Photoshop

Why isn

(Download and install Remo Repair PSD tool and follow the below simple steps.)

  1. Launch the Remo Repair PSD software and click the Browse button to select the corrupt PSD file not opening in Photoshop.
  2. Next, hit the Repair button to start PSD file repair process.
  3. After the PSD file repairing process ends, you can preview the repaired PSD file using the Preview option for free and click Save option to save the repaired PSD file on a preferred destination of your choice to open it in Photoshop.

Supported Adobe Photoshop Versions:

Remo Repair PSD software supports PSD file repairing from all the latest versions of Photoshop like Photoshop 2020 (version 21), CC (2013-2019), CS6, CS5, and many more.

What more can you do with Remo Repair PSD Software?

Why Isn't My Adobe Photoshop Download Opening On Mac Download


Why Isn't My Adobe Photoshop Download Opening On Mac Windows 10

  • The tool fixes corrupted Photoshop PDD file and even RLE compressed PSD files in an easy and simple way.
  • It assists you in repairing large-sized PSD and PDD files.
  • Fixes PSD file with depth of 1, 8, 16, and 32 bits per channel.
  • It repairs various Photoshop errors like 'incompatible PSD file', 'Could not complete your request because the file-format module cannot parse the file', etc.
  • The software repairs the damaged PSD file on Mac and Windows by keeping its color mode, such as Bitmap, gray-scale, indexed color, RGB color, CMYK color, multichannel color, duotone, lab color, etc. intact.