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Your modem allows you to send and receive both data and fax files using your communications software. Your modem can also be used for data communications with an online service, the Internet, an electronic bulletin board system (BBS), or another modem. Your modem supports both Class 1 and Class 2.0 faxing. The default is Class 1. UNICOM® Global consists of more than 50 corporate entities encompassing a wide range of businesses including Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Real Estate Development, Business and Financial Services and a range of Information Technology (IT) Divisions.

Worldport modems should automatically configure the Unix settings. Records the personal message. The USRobotics modem you have installed should be present in the list of installed modems. Click the Diagnostics tab. If it does not, the port needs to be added, and possibly enabled in the BIOS. Here you will see a list of installed modems.

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To ensure successful message deletion and modem operation, wait until beeping has ceased before hanging up. Click the Properties button.

Make sure that your new USRobotics modem is selected. Consult rohotics Windows NT manual for information about adding ports. As line conditions improve, the modem switches up to the next higher speed.

3Com US Robotics 56K Message Modem

Messages retrieved roboticss Independent mode will be stored with Caller Identification within the software mailbox. Select Search for a suitable driver for my device. Click Startselect Settingsthen click Control Panel.

You will then have the option to accept the call or to ignore it. This unit is equal to 1, messaeg per second. Blinks green u.s robotics 56k message modem for each new voice message. New, unused, sealed in original retail package. More refinements More refinements If you have voice mail provided by your local phone company, your dial tone may be altered when messages are waiting.

You may have a poor connection. To access your voice messages remotely, you need to dial into the 56K Message Modem.

Traditional 56K networks are portable, so you’ll find that they have a number of niche applications your USRobotics modem hardware will fill. There should be no line splitters, fax machines, or other devices between the modem and the telephone wall jack. Follow the update driver procedure below. I will choose the driver u.s robotics 56k message modem install. Guaranteed Delivery see all. USRobotics warrants the media containing software against failure during the warranty period.

PCM-Upstream” technology, which allows a modem’s upstream communication to reach speeds of 48, bps. Have a look at the following list to see how to set the switches on your 56K external modem for use with standard Unix implementations: This device differs from a microcomputer or a mainframe in that it has little or no internal processing capabilities. Ymodem An error-checking protocol that can send several files of data at a time in byte 1K blocks. This mode is also known u.s robotics 56k message modem command mode.

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The use of a shielded cable when connecting a modem to a computer is recommended to ensure minimal interference with radio and 566k. Plug your headset into the jack on the modem. This does not require the AT prefix or a Carriage Return.

F0 Local echo ON; modem sends a copy of data, it sends to the remote system to your screen. u.s robotics 56k message modem

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Sets the duration, in tenths of a second, of the V. The ControlCenter software allows you to configure your V.


If robotis connection cannot be made at or above this speed, the modem will hang up. Hz Hertz is a frequency measurement unit used internationally to indicate cycles per second.

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There are a number of different ways to send faxes directly from a Windows 10/8/7/XP. These methods don’t even require you to have a fax machine, which can be both expensive and clunky. At most, you might require a phone line, but you can even do without it if you use an online fax service.

Us robotics mac fax modem software download windows 7

However, there are so many fax software out there that the choice can be a bit overwhelming. As such, in this article, I’ll give you a brief rundown of all these different software, their advantages and disadvantages, so you can decide which one to use.

Best Free Windows Fax Software Comparison

Before I give you a brief review of the various Windows fax software out there, you can go through a comparative table of them below. Based on this, you can narrow down your options.

Fax Software for WindowsReviewFeaturesEase of UseUI DesignCheck Software
CocoFaxCocoFax ReviewVery GoodVery EasyGreat
RingCentralRingCentral ReviewVery GoodVery EasyGreat
Microsoft Windows Fax and Scan SoftwareMicrosoft Windows Fax and Scan Software ReviewOkayDifficultOkay
MyFaxMyFax ReviewOkayGoodGood
iFaxiFax ReviewOkayGoodGood

Part 1: CocoFax – Most Popular Free Fax Software for Windows

CocoFax is one of the best online fax service with which you can send out faxes from Windows computer either through the online account or through the email.

One of the best aspects of CocoFax is that it allows you to send international faxes without a surcharge. This is rare amongst online fax services because most of them charge an additional cost of 5 cents to $1, which can be pretty expensive. CocoFax may be expensive as a subscription package, and it gives you a maximum of 1000 faxes a month, but it includes international coverage.

In terms of features, you can use CocoFax to send and receive faxes either through your email or through the online account. Sending faxes through the email is pretty simple. You have to enter the recipient’s fax number in the address field, followed by “@cocofax.net”.

CocoFax also comes with some really cool features. You can manage your faxes, add contacts, and you can also add a custom cover letter with a digital signature.

Having said that, CocoFax is an ideal option for big businesses with large international fax sending requirements. However, it’s not the ideal choice for businesses with largely domestic recipients.


Easy management of faxes and contacts.Not very cheap
No surcharge for international faxes.
Digital signatures.
1000 faxes a month

Part 2: RingCentral – Best Free Fax Software for Windows 10/8/7/XP

RingCentral is an extremely reasonable Windows fax sending service. In fact, when it comes to domestic faxes, it’s the most reasonable and flexible software in the market.

The RingCentral software gives you the option of choosing a package that can send 500 faxes a month, or 1000, or 2500, or even unlimited faxes. However, these are all directed towards domestic addresses.

If you need to send faxes to international recipients, you have to pay a surcharge of 5 cents to $1, depending on the country. This makes RingCentral not suitable for companies with international coverage.

In terms of fax sending, you can use RingCentral to send faxes through the online account or through the email account. You can also add contacts so that you can easily add multiple recipients.

RingCentral can also easily be integrated with GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Outlook, etc, so that you can retrieve documents and attach them or receive notifications directly to your mailbox.

The #1 Windows Fax Service – RingCentral

Website: https://www.ringcentral.com/

Can add contacts easily.Attachments cant be accessed without downloading.
Can send to multiple recipients.International faxes are expensive.
Integration with GoogleDrive, Outlook, etc.
Can also send unlimited faxes.
24/7 customer support.

Part 3: Microsoft Windows Fax and Scan Software

All Windows computers come with a Fax and Scan software which you can also use to send out faxes for free. However, you will require a phone line and a modem for this method to work. First you need to setup your computer.

Setting up:

  1. Connect a modem to the computer, either in the CPU, or thorough a USB dongle externally.
  2. Connect the landline to the modem and ensure that there’s a dial tone.
  3. Go to “Windows Fax and Scan” in Accessories.
  4. You can now modify your own details by going to Tools > Sender Information.
  5. Finally, you can also modify the cover page if you want.

Sending a Fax from Windows Computer:

  1. Go to ‘New Fax’ in the main menu.
  2. In the address field, called “To”, add multiple recipients.
  3. You can add a cover page as well in the main body.
  4. Attach the documents you want to send.
  5. Click on the ‘send’ button.

With these simple steps, you’ll be able to send faxes anywhere in the world without using the internet and without having to pay.

Free.Complicated setup process.
No internet necessary.Need landline and modem.
Can send faxes internationally.
Software is pre-installed.

Part 4: MyFax – Best Budget Windows Fax Software

MyFax is a free Fax software for Windows computers and it’s similar to CocoFax because both of them give you the ability to send faxes internationally without a surcharge. However, whereas CocoFax does so by cutting down the number of faxes per month to 200 and raising the prices, MyFax remains cheap and allows you to send 400 faxes a month.

It achieves that cheap rate because it has only the most basic features. It can send and receive faxes well enough, however, it can’t add digital signatures or add a customer cover letter.


However, if you don’t have the necessity of sending highly personalized faxes, this is ideal for you. MyFax allows you to send faxes either online or through email, and you can send and receive 400 faxes a month for just $10. If you go beyond that, you just have to pay $0.10 per page.In MyFax, you can send faxes through your email or your online account. If you’re sending it by email, you can also integrate it with Outlook. All you have to do is add the recipient’s fax number in the address bar and then suffice it with “@myfax.com” and prefix that with the country code.

If you’re sending a fax from an online account, you can simply go to ‘send faxes’, add a cover letter, add the attachments, and send the fax!

Website: https://www.myfax.com/

Simple UI.Lack of essential features.
No surcharge on international faxes.Cant add digital signatures.
24/7 customer support.

Part 5: iFax – Good Free Windows Fax Software

iFax is a flexible fax sending service for Windows computers and it’s ideal for both small and large businesses.

Us Robotics Fax Modem Driver

With CocoFax, you can send 500 faxes a month for just $7.95. You can send age faxes online or through email. It’s pretty cheap and allows you to send a large number of faxes, however, that comes at the cost of several vital features. You can’t use CocoFax to personalize the faxes by adding a digital signature, or by modifying the cover letter. You can only do the bare essentials with MetroFax.

Simple UI.Cant add digital signatures.
Very reasonable.Cant modify cover template.
Highly compatible with different formats.


All of the methods of sending a fax from Windows computers come with their own sets of pros and cons. However, if I had to recommend some of this software, I would recommend either CocoFax or RingCentral.

Both of these are professional fax sending services. CocoFax is ideal for businesses that need a lot of international coverage whereas RingCentral is ideal for businesses that need a vast amount of domestic coverage. However, both of them come with a wide suite of professional features to personalize your faxes.

Us Robotics Mac Fax Modem Software Download

If you don’t want to have to pay for the faxes, or if you don’t want to send them online, you can use the preinstalled Windows Fax and Scan Software, even though that will require you to use a phone line and a modem.

Us Robotics Fax Modem 56k

Whichever method you decide to use, please feel free to let us know about it down in the comments below.