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So to follow up with yesterday’s post about locating recently purchased designs in the Silhouette Cloud library – I wanted to share a few troubleshooting tips. There have been some bugs with the Silhouette software, and the software developers at Silhouette America are working hard to get them resolved. So, here are a few tips that you may find helpful when things do not go as planned.

#1 – Be sure you are updated to the most recent version of Silhouette Studio:Now, I know that many of you tell me that when you check for updates in the software, it always tells you that it is up to date. That is a lie.

Through some type of glitch in the software – it always tells you that you are up to date – even when you aren’t! (I recommend going into the preferences window & selecting NEVER under “Check for Updates”.)

So, in order to be sure you are up to date on your software, first determine which version you are running. Do this by opening the “About Silhouette Studio” window. On a Mac, you click on Silhouette Studio, and select About Silhouette Studio from the drop down menu. On a PC, it is under the Help menu.

Cameo silhouette software download for mac

Silhouette Studio for Mac can be downloaded from our website for free. The most popular versions among Silhouette Studio for Mac users are 2.5 and 1.9. This free Mac app is an intellectual property of Silhouette America, Inc. This Mac download was scanned by our built-in antivirus and was rated as safe. Silhouette Studio, Free Download by Silhouette America. Economical, professional imposition software for digital and offset printing presses.

From there, you will see this picture which tells you what version of the software you are running.

Silhouette Software Download

Then, go to the Silhouette America site — to see what is the latest version of software. At the time of this writing, it is 3.8.118 – so I am all up to date. If you are not up to date, download & install the most recent version of the software. It may fix some troubles you are having.

#2 – Your Library indicates that it is synced, but your designs are still missing:After posting yesterday’s blog, I got several emails & FB posts inquiring about this. Here are some steps that may correct this. If you have a

If your library has a white checkmark inside of a green circle – in the little Cloud icon next to your user name, this indicates that your library is synced. However, if you still are missing designs, try this solution.

  • Be sure you are signed into the Silhouette Design Store with your account
  • Select your Username in the upper right hand side & from the drop-down menu, open the “Account” link. This will open the Account Tools page.
  • Select “Recover All Downloaded Designs”
  • Click on the blue bar that says “Reset Cloud Library Sync”.
  • You will then receive a message that says your library is being synced to your cloud devices. The next time you open your software, all of your designs should be there in the Cloud User section of your Library.

#3 – Help! I’ve updated my software & my library is missing!

Usually, an update proceeds with no problem – but not always! So, when your library “disappears”, here is what you can do!

Latest Version Of Silhouette Software

  • Open your Silhouette Software
  • From the top menu bar, select File –> Update Library
  • Once the update is complete (and this may take a while, depending on the size of your library), both the Local User & Cloud User designs should be there.

However, if they aren’t — this is the next step:

Silhouette Software Download For Mac

  • Close your software & restart the computer.
  • Uninstall Silhouette Studio software
  • Download & install Version 3.6.057 from the Silhouette America page
  • Open the Silhouette Software
  • From the File Dropdown menu, select File –>Library –> Export Library
  • Assign a name and location to save your library. (Ex. “Terri’s library”)–> Click OK
  • After exporting the library, close the Software
  • Download the most recent version of software from the Silhouette America site & install
  • Open the Software. From the top menu bar, click on File –>Library–>Import Library
  • Select your exported library (wherever you saved it), and import itClose the Silhouette Studio® software.

Your Library will be imported into the software & when its complete, you should find all of your designs in both the Local and User Cloud.

Silhouette Studio software download, free

So these are just a few troubleshooting tips when working with the Silhouette Cloud. I realize that you may encounter something different, but its just not possible to address them all in one blog! However, these are some of the most common issues. If you run into another problem, I would recommend contacting Support at Silhouette America. This Link will show you their hours, phone number & email contact info.

Hope this helps! While I realize there is somewhat of a learning curve with the Cloud — I feel like in the long run – its going to be awesome!

Download Silhouette Software For Free

Until next time –


Silhouette software, free download For Mac

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