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Today you must find new and innovative ways to improve your business, like integrating Matrix 3D Jewelry Design Software from Gemvision. By harnessing the power of 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) and making it jeweler-friendly, Matrix lets you design virtual 3D jewelry on-screen while generating a detailed color preview image that can be printed or emailed. Matrix then outputs all file types compatible with any CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) device including Gemvision’s Revo540C Milling System which generates dimensionally accurate models ready for casting. This total solution is leading the CAD/CAM revolution.
The benefits of integrating Matrix software into your business include…
Create your own look with unique designs
Stand out from your competition
Create 100% dimensionally accurate jewelry
Allow your customer to SEE the piece before it exists
Increase cash flow by creating virtual inventory
Increase profit margins through unique designs
Take advantage of profitable niche markets
Getting All the Details Just Right
It�s a big part of why Matrix out-performs anything else on the market. Creating a great design � not just a good one � is the result of an eye for design coupled with the ability to explore and refine to make it just right. If these details are not easily realized, the design is kept from reaching its full potential. Matrix 6 does it all � creativity, speed, and precision � by providing tools and methods that only jewelers need.
Computer Aided Creativity
Over two years in the making, Matrix Version 6 offers a new way of designing jewelry no other software even comes close to. Utilizing years of input from the best CAD modelers in the industry and our development team, Matrix provides the fastest way to replicate existing designs while allowing that process to take creative paths.
Rendering and Shaded Working Modes
Surface design, technical inspection, and finished presentation all require a different display mode. Matrix 6 offers multiple modes that make whatever you are doing easier to see.
Stuller Gem Ordering
Order your diamonds and gemstones from the largest DTC Sightholder and fulfillment house in the USA right from the software.
Stuller CAM Services
Link directly to Stuller Studio Cam Services right from Matrix for convenient and easy manufacturing.
Powerful Gem Tools
Matrix 6 offers the largest array of tools for laying out and adjusting gems. Scale, rotate, and move all from one easy set of tools. And the sophisticated new Pave tool allows beautiful flowing patterns over the most demanding surfaces.
Style Sheets
Many of the tools in Matrix feature our exclusive �Style Sheet� functionality. This means that items like heads and settings, that you build on a regular basis, can be instantly recalled and applied to a new piece. For example, if you create a �channel setting style� with a particular end shape and taper, Style Sheets store those parameters so you can apply that to another design in the future. And History works hand in hand with Style Sheets so the gems you use for that channel setting actually �remember� how the channel was made and changes are just clicks away. You can complete the channel-setting task and explore a new channel look in the same design session.
Interface Design
The new Matrix interface simplifies and unites the appearance and usability of the program. And when using specific tools, we have found that people use a variety of methods to work: some people like to type; others like to interact with the model directly onscreen; while still others click on buttons and icons. One thing is for sure: there is not a single best way! That’s why most functions in Matrix offer all three methods to choose from.
Library Items for Quick Builds
Creating your design from scratch insures you get exactly what you want but often the base of the design is a standard part or profile. Matrix now offers flexible library parts. And you can call up a part or piece that is very close to meeting your needs then quickly edit it to make it just right.
History Built In
History allows you to change, update and edit a model. This editing method has been used in other CAD products primarily for mechanical engineering as a �History Tree�. Matrix 6 has no such �Tree�. Instead, our History is contained within the parts you build and is only one click away. This means making design changes is not only easier, it�s specially tailored to the design demands of jewelers, and only jewelers, making something beautiful.
Matrix Voted Number 1
Matrix and Revo were both voted the number one choice among CAD/CAM professionals in the MJSA Journal Tech Survey.
Pre-Sorted Tools
While gathering input from existing users, we found they were asking for tools that were already part of the program. So why is it that even advanced users didn�t know where to find these tools? Simple: people become accustomed to using any software in a certain way, performing even new tasks using familiar methods even if it takes them longer to do so! We have therefore provided the F6 key as a way to access all the tools that are relevant to the task you are performing. This translates to fast �look up� of the tools you use most often, as well as insight into tools that might save you time or offer further design options you were looking for.
Surface Control for All Users
Each surface you build needs to be perfect, it�s essential to great design. Having this kind of control used to require a huge time investment and if you got it right the first time, it was great – but if not, it was back to step one. Matrix 6 changes all that with the an advanced level of surface modeling using tools even beginners find easy! And with History, you can now make changes to even complex surfaces on the fly – meaning your design ideas can be realized in just in seconds…not hours.
Following Trends and Anticipating Them
Jewelry is fashion and fashion is always changing. Matrix 6 was developed looking at the latest trends and studying what has been and what is on the way.

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Matrix Jewelry Design software, free download Mac Free


Today you must find new and innovative ways to improve your business, like integrating Matrix 3D Jewelry Design Software from Gemvision. By harnessing the power of 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) and making it jeweler-friendly, Matrix lets you design virtual 3D jewelry on-screen while generating a detailed color preview image that can be printed or emailed. Matrix is a well-known CAD software specifically designed for creating jewellery. You need to be experienced in modelling as this is a complex tool. It contains step-by-step builders and has all the advantages as Rhino. It is well known for its easy user interface and a wide range of tools specialized for jewelry design. Matrix; If you’re a professional and work in the jewelry industry you may know this Matrix software. It is a popular and efficient tool to do 3D printing jewelry design. Matrix is ideal if you want to start a project from the beginning.


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