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Lectra is a well-known company that designs and makes software for professional and personal use. One of Lectra’s most famous software creations is Kaledo. Kaledo can be regarded as the best and perfect fashion design software. Kaledo has all the necessary elements and features that are ideal for designers in making clothes intended for catwalks, even for mass scale in the clothing business. Kaledo also has his own collection of suits and dresses that can be used as a pattern. Any modifications made will not change the original template, so there is no concern in its use. Every aspect of creating the ideal design for clothing, is in this program and you will only be limited by your imagination.

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How to download and install Lectra Modaris :

1st Step Download : Click on the below link Download

Lectra Software

Kaledo By Lectra software, free download Mac

Lectra zip file download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fiQcTynXvBQbChsfpL6fwvSvLiX4SUf. Lectra software is regularly updated with new functionalities. Subscribers can start using the latest version as soon as it’s released. Subscribers choose the best time to install the new version and we help them make the transition – ensuring the new parameters are set.


Kaledo Download

2nd Step Installation : At first install “ModarisV6R1c3.exe” according to the video . Then go to C drive and enter into “Program Files(x86)” folder. Go to “Lectra” and click on “Modaris” . You will see a folder named as “Bin” in “Modaris” folder . Open “Bin” folder . Copy “ModarisV6R1.exe” and paste it in “Bin” folder .