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iOS 14 released by apple company 2020/09/16 for all iDevices. Then iOS 14.0.1 released in 2020/09/24. Now you can download and update your apple devices hurry up. Afterthat all of us find any jailbreak application to our happy. iOS 14.0.1 jailbreak released by checkra1n using it's security holes. It is very easy jailbreak with cydia appstore includes. Now you can download to jailbreak iOS 14.0.1, after update your devices. Apple is not give any chances to go back or downgrad to iOS 14 to iOS 13.7 after you update. But you must update your latest devices to iOS 14 and get all facilities fast and easy. iOS 14.0.1 is best bug removed update to all iDevices. If you want to download latest iOS and jailbreak tools using below download links. READ MORE>>>

iOS 14.0.1 Download/ iOS 14.0.1 jailbreak Download

This new jailbreak tool is used to jailbreak all iOS devices including iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 8.0 – iOS 8.1.2. Download PP jailbreak iOS 8.1.2 devices on Mac from download link below. Download PP To Jailbreak iOS 8.1.2 On Mac PP iOS 8.1.2 Jailbreak can be used to jailbreak following iOS devices running on iOS 8.1.2 on Mac only. Download PP Jailbreak to Jailbreak iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 8.4 – iOS 8.1.3: PP jailbreak tool is available for both Mac and Windows. Click on the link below to download the appropriate version. Mac – download link; Windows – download link; Step-by-Step Guide to Jailbreak iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on iOS 8.4 – iOS 8.1.3.

Ios 8.3 jailbreak download

iOS 9 jailbreak

You know how to make use of this online jailbreak technique to most recent ios 9 jailbreak pangu. The pangu jailbreak in aid of ios 9 is compatible by means of iphone, ipad in addition to ipod touch. ios 9 jailbreak pangu without charge download cydia without charge pro you to be familiar with how to jailbreak situation you include window not public workstation you have got to make out how to get hold of ios 9 jailbreak cydia download in aid of your considerate. Given that stationary in attendance is at present technique on behalf of ios 9 jailbreak pangu up to now we extremely advocate you to hang about till the jailbreak mechanism subject on behalf of persons. We each one know how the pangu arrangement at large turn around to undo jailbreak in aid of ios 9 on top of consequently complete it possible to cydia download ios 9.

Every i device users can iOS 9 jailbreak pangu 9 now free

The Chinese fortunate cut compilation additionally recognized as pangu collection, purpose to slash the about to happen ios 9.0.2 the people release accountability ios 9 jailbreak in aid of download cydia ios 9. The most recent description of pangu does certainly meaning on every one ios bottom procedure with the aim of is competent of keep informed to ios 9 in addition to is talented to transport an untethered ios 9 jailbreak key. on the other hand present is rejection information regarding pangu ios 9 jailbreak implement, they resolve build up the ios 9 jailbreak implement disconnect implement beginning pangu implement. In addition subsequently we necessitate to ios 9 jailbreak, we know how to position our concentration on pangu 9 jailbreak developers on this method. Pangu productively happen by means of the ios 9 jailbreak other than it possibly will on no account arrive at the populace given that apple appliance. Pangu requirements to maintain the make use of it second-hand to ios 9 jailbreak absent beginning apple for the reason that they diagram to make use of them in the ios 9 jailbreak as well.

Ios 8.4 Jailbreak

Ios 13 jailbreak download for windows

Follow the Pangu 9 - iOS 9 jailbreak like-minded procedure

  • iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s
  • iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3 and iPad 2
  • iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, 1st gen iPad mini
  • 6th generation iPod touch, 5th generation iPod touch

Consequently at present our main thing is cydia download ios 9 by means of among download free of charge pangu9 jailbreak. By means of the ios 9 in give in addition to discharge of ios imminent speedy, it was only just a summit to be expecting an ios 9 jailbreak.

Download pangu 9 jailbreak for jailbreak iOS 9

Ios 8.3 Jailbreak Mac Download

iOS 9 jailbreak pangu change log

Pangu 1.0.0 – Mac

Pangu 1.0.0 description has been on the loose on behalf of 1st time to jailbreak iOS 9 on behalf of Mac consumer. This implement is identical by means of Windows 1.2.0 description.

Pangu 1.2.0 - Windows

Pangu 1.2.0 description has on the loose by means of the most recent package of the Cydia in addition to Patcyh. This bring up to date as well unchanging the Manage storage space rotating mistake.

Pangu 1.1.0 - Windows

Pangu 1.0.1 description has been on the loose to attach a quantity of chief Jailbreak question. Occasionally preceding description wills not occupation by way of 64 bit Windows OS. At present Pangu 9 is functioning by means of every windows description. Every one support associated matter encompass been permanent by means of this description.

Pangu 1.0.1 - Windows

This description has on the loose to attach the 0A mistake of Pangu 1.0.0. It decreases the Jailbreak breakdown speed.


Pangu 1.0.0 -Windows

Pangu 9 Jailbreak implement on the loose on behalf of Jailbreak awake to iOS 9. Implement is in addition accessible appearance English.

How to jailbreak iOS with pangu9

  1. Your instrument encompass make be there management ios 9

  2. Look out with the intention of pass code/ touch ID besides locate iphone is perverse off in your ios machine.

  3. The different to illness in your work space should not purpose the pangu formation so as to or else on behalf of an instant swerve off the antivirus awaiting the setting up cydia expansion is accomplished.

  4. At what time management the pangu put into practice in windows , be careful so as to you dash it in click on scuttle as supervisor

  5. Previous to first round the introduction expansion, position your instrument in airplane technique.

FQA & HELP for iOS 9 jailbreak pangu

  1. Arrangements on behalf of jailbreak

    • Give pleasure to encouragement your apparatus previous to by means of Pangu. Even though we encompass productively experienced Pangu by means of a numeral of procedure, we muscularly put forward you encouragement your information by means of iTunes earlier than jailbreak.

    • With the intention of augment the accomplishment tempo, give pleasure to button your apparatus to airplane method, as well as put out of action pass code as well as “locate my iPhone” meaning in organization surroundings.

  2. powerless to jailbreak procedure to facilitate are promote by means of OTA

  3. The firmwares promote by means of OTA change Pangu 9 a large number in addition to frequently grounds Pangu 9 to not pass. If you encompass unsuccessful lots of epoch, gratify endeavor to download the most recent firmware plus re-establish your iOS procedure.Additionally, Pangu itself at the moment make available a functionality to without difficulty reinstate iOS procedure in addition to mechanically absolute the commencement in addition to jailbreak, all the way through a straightforward one-click.

  4. The warning of 'Disk is almost full'

  5. This is since all through the jailbreaking development, Pangu determinations write a quantity of significant documents keen on the method divider as well as show the way to this word of warning on the other hand, it willpower not concern your apparatus. If Cydia is installed, it resolve re-adjust the coordination documents on its opening start on in addition to after that the caveat would fade away.

  6. proposition subsequent to quite a few unsuccessful challenge

    1. Give pleasure to control to the airplane method attempt once more

    2. Give pleasure to reboot equally your iOS procedure in addition to your workstation, in addition to attempt once more

    3. Give pleasure to make use of the re-establish functionality in Pangu to re-establish your apparatus, in addition to attempt once more

Evasion jailbreak for iOS 8.2 through jailbreak iOS 8.3

Evasion jailbreak iOS 8.2 through jailbreak iOS 8.3 - Possible evasion update

iOS 8.2 jailbreak is still not available and we already have and iOS 8.3 soon. Now we have iOS 8.3 beta versions. Still we do not have any public iOS 8.2 jailbreak or iOS 8.3 jailbreak. Its is possible evad3rs to release evasion jailbreak for iOS 8. Keep in touch us for latest updated results and direct jailbreak tools downloads.

Download evasion 1.0.8 ,Latest updated jailbreak tool from team evad3rs.It supports iOS 7.0 11A466 that is shipped with iPhone 5s and 5c iPhones. You can Jailbreak iOS 7 to iOS 7.0.6 with evasion 1.0.8

Evasion 7.1 jailbreak is the only tool to untethered jailbreak iOS 7 for latest iPhone(s) and iPad(s) with A7 Chips like iPhone 5s and iPad Air.You can get Evasion download through our direct links.We update download links regularly and latest jailbreak software is evasion7 1.0.8

pangu 8 jailbreak for iOS 7.1 through iOS 8.1 untethered jailbreak

Now you can jailbreak iOS 8 device with PANGU 8 , download pangu 8 and jailbreak your apple device, this is compatible with all apple devices.

Taig jailbreak for iOS 8.2 - Download Taig untethered jailbreak

iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak is released with TaiG , Taig jailbreak is developed by Chinese team and you can perform Taig Download through our direct Taig Download servers. You can check our Taig Jailbreak dedicated page for more info.

Download evasion 7 Latest Version [1.0.8]
evasi0n jailbreak Related Mirrors & Direct download links

  • Download evasion 1.0.8 - WINDOWS
  • Evasion 7 1.0.8 - MAC

Download evasion jailbreak Change-logs and updates

  • evasi0n 1.0.8 : It supports iOS 7.0 11A466 with the latest iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c
  • The latest evasi0n 1.0.8 has some major updates and now supports more devices (iPhone 5s . iPhone 5c). Do not update to iOS 7.1 since we do not have jailbreak or method to downgrade back to 7.0.6

evasi0n7 system Requirements - download latest evasion 1.0.8

  • Windows or Mac PC - (XP minimum), Mac OS X (10.7 minimum)
  • Latest iTunes installed for windows users
  • Supporting iOS version (iOS 7.1 jailbreak not supported )
  • USB cable to connect device to the computer

Its always advised to use the latest jailbreak tool available to jailbreak your iOS 7 device. Still We do not have evasion iOS 7.1 jailbreak tool available. All the claiming sites are fake or scams. If you have A4 chip (iPhone 4) you can jailbreak iOS 7.1 with Geeksn0w but please notice geeksn0w iOS 7.1 is tethered jailbreak any only for iPhone 4.

  • Warning! as mentioned iOS 7.1 jailbreak is yet to come
  • First thing to do - Backup your phone.
  • Disable Pass-code and other security Codes
  • Download the correct and latest Odin versions
  • Install the Latest support software's - iTunes (windows users)
  • Avoid any iTunes related things when you starting your jailbreak process
  • If your device updated with iOS Over the Air update (OTA Updates) , Restore using iTunes for better comparability and smooth jailbreak

iOS 7 Jailbreaking FAQs and Troubleshooting

Jailbreak Mac Computer

    Evasi0n download is untethered jailbreak for iOS 7 and supports iOS 7.0 through 7.0.6 ,iOS 7.1 jailbreak is not supported.If you updated to iOS 7.1, You have to wait for a jailbreak tool since you can not downgrade your iOS device. if you running iOS 7.06 Do Not Update your device to iOS 7.1

  • If you have any problem with jailbreaking or device , Please go restart the jailbreak process again ! Keep in mind : Google is best when it comes to FAQs

Ios 8.3 Jailbreak Mac Download Windows 10

evasion7 download developer Credits

    evasi0n7 jailbreak credit goes to team evad3rs.

Ios 8.3 Jailbreak Mac Download Version


For the development , evasion download updates / jailbreak tutorials credit goes to

  • Team evad3rs