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General Information

Free downloadable legal updates throughout 2018 a free download of Nolo's bestselling book Nolo's Encyclopedia of Everyday Law, a $34.99 value, when you register your software Plus, prepare cash flow, sales revenue and profit and loss forecasts, and use dozens of sample letters and policies, including collection and loan request letters. Family Tree Heritage 9 is only available for Windows. Family Tree Heritage 9 has some online tutorials, but overall offers a lot less than the other programs on our list. It has a very limited online community. The software allows direct downloads of records from Ancestry and FamilySearch.

Family Lawyer Mac software, free download

Many of the programs are shareware. This means that you can try them out and if you decide to continue to use them you're obliged to pay the folks who developed them. However, almost all are fully functional - none are demos or too crippled to be useful.

Free Download RootsMagic Essentials is a free genealogy program that contains many core features from the award-winning RootsMagic family tree software. Downloading RootsMagic Essentials is absolutely free and is the easiest way to start tracing your family tree!

We check each program for virus' and general functionality, but you should read the information, advice, warnings & disclaimers in our Accuracy / Quality of Legal Material FAQ before using legal material from anywhere - including the Library! Our techie staff determined that if you don't read the FAQ there's a 97.648% chance (+/- 97.649%) that your computer will either explode or not explode. (They've never been right, but Read the Damn Thing Anyhow!)

Most of the programs are for IBM compatable computers running DOS or Win 3.x, though they should run fine under Win 95/8. Just a few are specifically for Win 95/8 (more are on the way) and they DO NOT run under DOS or Win 3.x. None are Mac programs since we don't have a Mac to evaluate them, but there's an extensive list of Mac software at: http://www.mother.com/~randy/index.html

Almost all programs are zipped or self-executing compressed files. If you don't know what this means, read our FAQ About Zipped Files. And here's the PKUNZIP.EXE program mentioned in the FAQ.


Free Apple Mac Software Downloads

BILLTIME Shareware version 4.4

CASEKEEPER FOR MS ACCESS v2 Timekeeping, case management, billing program for small law offices & other service firms

COURT SCHEDULER v2.0 Case management database by date, defendant, judge, etc.

LO+MAS Easy to use program for attorneys, accountants, architects, consultants, etc., that bill for their time...

TIMETRACKER Simple, easy-to-use Windows time-tracking program


100 FORM LETTERS Collection of commonly used business letters in text that can be tailored to your individual needs


B/PLAN DEVELOPER v3.8 Write a business plan like a pro. An online guide to creating a investor-centered proposal

HARASSMENT, 161K Training about sexual harassment and behavior in the workplace


IMMIGRATION LAW COMPLIANCE v1.1 Everything you need to complete and print the I-9 form the Immigration Reform and Control Act requires

MYOEH Compiles and produces all the elements of an in-depth employee handbook


ACCIDENT RECONSTRUCTION CALCULATOR v2.0 Windows based accident calculator for traffic accident investigators & reconstructionists

DEPOSITION SUMMARY PROGRAM Summarize depositions, print and index the summary

PARA MASON BAR REVIEW Covers multi-state law subjects areas of contracts, sales, torts, criminal law, prof responsibility, real prop & evidence...

RESEARCH Store research, prepare chronologies & reports, keep track of evidence, scan depositions...

Family Lawyer Mac software, free download Windows 7

TMPLATES v3.0 Trademark forms templates for lawyers and business owners. * Word for Windows Format *


ADA Windows help file w/ Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act

BANKRUPTCY HELPERâ„¢ Well done, 7/98, Freeware Win '95 help file w/ Bankruptcy related U.S. Codes, Court Rules & Directory, etc.

CREDIT RESQ Win help file with info re credit problems, etc... heavily crippled but still has lots of info

ETHICS Calif. legal ethics learning program

FRAP11 Win help file w/ Fed Rules of Appellate Procedure, 11th Cir. Rules & Internal Operating Procedures

HYPERTAX Text of the IRS Code & Regulations in an electronic 'hypertext book'

LIBERTY The U.S. Constitution... history w/ key events, leaders, convention process & ratification... important Supreme Court cases

RIGHT TO KEEP & BEAR ARMS Legal definitions of weapons, text of Brady Bill, etc.

WE THE PEOPLE Win E-book explores democracy through Magna Carta, U.S. Articles of Confederation, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, U.N. Declaration of Human Rights, etc.

Family Lawyer Mac software, free download Windows 10


POWERDESK, 2,873k Not too long ago we switched from Win 3.11 to Win 95, and while we like some of 95's improvements, none of which we understand, we're not exactly happy with how complicated it is. At least when 3.x broke, our techies could usually fix things within a month of returning from Cal Tech with a few more degrees. But the only 'person' we've found capable of fixing 95 is some weirdo Bill Gates geek who we discovered sleeping in our dumpster. And we're a little sick of him being here constantly... and having to listen to his idiotic business suggestions. Like the little nerd knows anything about making money... Right!

But, with all the file management we constantly need to screw-up, our biggest single complaint was 95's less-than-useless 'Explorer'. Then we discovered PowerDesk from Mijenix Corp. Their 'Suggested Short Description' says:

PowerDesk Utilities is a powerful suite of tools for Windows 95 and NT 4.0. It includes ExplorerPlus, the best Windows File Management program; a customizable toolbar with quick access to programs, documents, and system functions; a feature-rich file finder; and a program for examining disk space usage. Ver.1.1 won the SIC/SIA Best New Product award. Ver.2 is greatly enhanced.

All we'll add is:
A. PowerDesk 2 was better than they claimed;
B. We have Version 4 - and IT'S EVEN BETTER - TRY IT!, and;
C. We weren't paid to recommend it - or any of these programs - though we did get a free copy.
Note: If there's a problem here you can also get it at * www.mijenix.com *

PLUG-IN We used it with Win 3.x. The authors say it 'fills the holes in Win3.1', barely hinting at its cool features... like clocks in your title bars, custom cursors, a great quick-start program, changing the ugly program mngr icons and lots more. Highly recommended! But only for Win3.x... since many of it's best features are part of, or don't work under, '95.

One other program we prefer and recommend is the NetScape Navigator web browser, but not because it far surpasses Microsoft's Explorer or because we're Gates bashers -- we use and like Word and various other MS products, and their customer service has always treated us superbly. (We can even see how someone sane could find Bill sorta cute... in a nerdy kind of way.)

It's just a matter of power being dangerous, especially when a lot is concentrated in one place. The only ones that can be trusted with power are those who won't accept it in the first place; who understand in their guts what that 'Power corrupts and absolute... ' cliche really means. They know power's a poison brewed by denizens of the dark side; the apple that got us kicked out of the garden. The more dispersed it is, the safer, but - like plutonium, wild tigers, or lawyers - power is never really safe... except, of course, with us.