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  1. 8/10 (3103 votes) - Download Microsoft Excel Free. Microsoft Excel is the famous spreadsheet tool belonging to Office where you can comfortably work with tables, graphs, macros, and more on your PC. Out of all Microsoft Office suite software, Word and Excel are probably the two most popular.
  2. MS Word to Excel Import, Export & Convert Software v.7.0 Quickly transfer MS Word data to Excel using an add-in that sits in Word.Each line in Word is a row in Excel.Columns can be created in Excel by splitting each line by certain characters (like a comma or a comma-space).

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Part 1: The troubles of Excel File Repair

Not only an excel spreadsheet but any kind of file has chances of getting corrupted due to various causes. Thus having an excel repair tool or multiple file repair tools is essential for recovering such files since many of them might have important user data stored within them. There are plenty of tools available out there over the internet, which has made whole a lot easy to repair corrupt excel file. Before introducing the best excel repair tool, here are some causes that have possibly caused your file/excel file to get corrupt.

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  • Improper shutdown of the system: This is the most common reason for getting files corrupted. When working on a spreadsheet, if the computer shuts down all of a sudden due to the power cut of other reasons, your work is in great trouble.
  • Virus: Some viruses are specially designed user files stored on a particular machine. If your computer gets infected with any such virus in any way, you are doomed.
  • Bad sectors on storage device: Since all storage devices are hardware, they might develop bad sectors with time and use. If a file is stored in such a sector, it can get corrupted.
  • Improper application exit: When working on an MS spreadsheet, if MS excel stops responding in between or unexpectedly shuts down, there are chances that the opened file gets corrupted.
  • Large data in single sheet: okay, we know it sounds a little weird, but MS spreadsheet is not a database. It is not designed to handle huge data so big files have more chances of getting corrupt than smaller ones.
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Part 2: Free Download the Best Excel Repair Tool

We know that you have not landed on this page to look out for reasons why your file is corrupted. But, the knowledge is good, you know? No, let us discuss the best way to repair corrupt excel file.

1. Best Excel Repair Tool:

Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair is one of the best file repair tools that simplify the process performed to repair corrupt excel file. Here are some key features of this file repair tool that makes the software an idea excel repair tool for repairing corrupt spreadsheets. This file repair tool possesses unique capabilities and techniques that are essential to repair corrupt excel files.

  • It can recover tables, charts, chart sheet, cell comments, images, formulas, sort, and filter as well
  • It is capable of recovering files holding single sheet and multiple sheet XLS / XLSX files as well
  • Cell formatting and worksheet properties are preserved during recovering as far as possible
  • It is available for both MAC and Windows OS
  • It can also fix excel corruption errors
  • It supports all Excel versions from 2000 to 2016

Part 3: How to Repair Corrupt and Damaged MS Excel

Here is a quick step by step tutorial to repair corrupt excel files using stellar phoenix excel repair.

Step 1 Click on add / open file icon on the file menu, select option 'add the file to tree view'.

Step 2 Excel repair box will popup. Files can be added using one of the following steps.

  • Click on select files, it will pop open dialog box. Locate and select an excel file and click on open. Click on the scan.
  • Click on select folders, it will pop a browser. Locate and select the desired folder and hit ok. Now click on scan.
  • Click on search files. In opened browsers, click the drive need to be searched. It will now display all the excel files located in that particular drive. Select required files, hit ok, hit scan.
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Step 3 All the selected files in the step above would be displayed in the left pane of the main interface. All of them have boxes. Check the boxed of files required to be repaired. Now click on start repair icon on the File menu (it looks like a play button, gotcha?) or simply click on start repair.

Step 4 It will throw a save box. You can choose where to save the new repaired file in this box. Once done, click on ok.

Excel Software Free Mac Download

Step 5 Have some patience and wait. It won’t take more than 5 minutes to repair an excel file unless it is too damn huge or contains some heavily loaded multiple spreadsheets. Enjoy!

Tips for Excel file Repair

  • The difference of licenses: Home or single user license restricts the software installation to a single system where technician license allows installing tools on multiple systems.
  • Unable to read file: One of the many corruption errors of Microsoft excel, stellar phoenix Excel Repair can easily fix it for you.
  • The repair won’t start: Make sure all your MS office modules are closed and try to start the repair again by clicking retry.
  • Preserving engineering formula: To perform repair over a file containing engineering formulas, it is essential to manually enable the analysis tool pack. This option can be found in tools > add-ins. Ignoring this step may cause the loss of some formulations. However, some would still be preserved.
  • Data loss may happen: Despite this excel repair tool try its best to recover every cell of your excel file, there cannot be done anything if it is already done due to corruption. Data loss is less to encounter in small files and files that are not heavily corrupted. The possibilities are higher in larger files since even a small corruption is large due to the size of the file.

We hope that this tutorial has served you with essential knowledge and you are now capable of performing a file repair for yourself or your family or your colleagues and give your friends advice on corruption issues. If you are also troubled by word documents issues, please kindly check how to retrieve deleted word documents here.

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