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  1. You cannot download Netflix movies or shows unless you are a subscriber. Netflix has two plans, with the difference being the content quality and the number of devices that can stream simultaneously. Make sure to check out the advantages of each before you proceed with this process. Go to netflix.com/signup from your browser.
  2. So, can you download Netflix on Mac? The answer is still no, unfortunately. The websites with Netflix download links either host pirated content or they’re trying to make you download an app that looks like Netflix but is, in fact, malware. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that there’s no malware that targets macOS.

Steps to Download Netflix Movies on Mac for Free Netflix is the most renowned and leading movie streaming channel with a huge collection of quality and exciting movies. When you want to watch these movies, there is an option to either record them or stream online. Recording is however more helpful as it enables you to watch movies anytime you.

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Can you know how to download Netflix movies on mac? If you want to watch and download Netflix movies on Mac, this guide will shed more light and introduce you to the best-in-class software to optimize, declutter or optimize your computer.

With more than 100 million users worldwide, Netflix has carved a name as a reliable and rapidly-growing streaming service provider. Unfortunately, Netflix media remains out of reach for mac users. Without a dedicated app for macOS, the company locked out mac owners.

You may want to stream Netflix movies online by accessing the official website and signing in to watch content without downloading.

Continue reading to discover proven ways to save movies and shows from Netflix for offline viewing on mac.

Article GuidePart 1: How to Free Up Mac Storage Space for Netflix DownloadsPart 2: Stream Downloaded Netflix Videos from iPhone or iPod to MacPart 3: Other Options to Download Netflix Movies on Mac

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Part 1: How to Free Up Mac Storage Space for Netflix Downloads

Apple provides an easy way to launch and install Windows using a dual boot configuration. You’ll need an empty thumb drive at hand 8 GBs, a minimum of 55GB of storage space for your startup drive, a compatible version or architecture of Windows, downloaded boot camp drivers and up-to-date OS X.

Download Netflix Movies To Mac Computer

A mass of junk files will choke your system and eat up space. iMyMac PowerMyMac boasts a multi-use tool to clean your cluttered hard drive and free up more gigabytes for Netflix downloads. It helps optimize performance and clean up your Mac. Just click to create more storage space and maximize speed.

PowerMyMac acts as a performance monitor to let you know how your Mac consumes Ram and the available disk space. It incorporates a potent and intelligent cleaner that automatically removes litter without interfering with critical files. The app eliminates every trace of uninstalled software, retrieves memory and frees up to 30GB.

Best of all, iMyMac PowerMyMac shields privacy during maintenance procedures. You can access the Free Download to prepare your Mac to offline Netflix content with generous storage space.

After you install Windows, you’ll have both macOS and Windows at your disposal. Next, download the Netflix app found in the Microsoft Store and sign in with your account. Windows’ Netflix app supports offline downloaded media to feast your eyes on offline.

Part 2: Stream Downloaded Netflix Videos from iPhone or iPod to Mac

Another way to copy movies or episodes on Mac entails the inbuilt iOS Netflix app that supports AirPlay to stream wirelessly across devices. It allows you to stream Netflix content from iOS devices synchronized with AirPlay-powered gadgets over local Wi-Fi. Even better, it allows offline downloads to broaden your Netflix repertoire.

If you don’t have an internet connection, use the inbuilt recorder known as QuickTime Player to project the streaming on iPod or iPhone on Mac’s desktop. The prerequisites for this method include a bolt of lightning to USB cable, iOS device upgraded to iOS 11 or more and a Mac with QuickTime Player. Follow the steps below:

Step #1 Plug in your device to Mac using the Lightning to USB cable.

Step #2 Activate QuickTime Player on Mac with Launchpad, applications folder and other methods.

Step #3 Tap on the File at the top of the display and click on NewMovieRecording. Or access it on the go by dialing Option+Command+N.


Step #4 Select the down-arrow icon in the control panel near the record button. Below the Camera and Microphone parts, select the iPhone or iPod playing the Netflix episode. Adjust video quality along with file size.

Step #5 Launch Netflix app on your iOS device and stream the copied video you want to view offline on Mac.

Step #6 Click the record dial on QuickTime Player to start recording your piece of media.

Download Movies From Netflix Mac

Step #7 Play the downloaded movies and episodes on your device and don’t unplug it as you record.

Step #8 Simply hit the Stop button to screech recording to a halt. Open the file and click on Save.

Part 3: Other Options to Download Netflix Movies on Mac

Method 1: Screen Recording

Screen recording offers another way to download Netflix media if you have specialized software. Screen capture programs like Movavi allow screen recording for Netflix episodes or movies on Mac. This means you can stream a Netflix movie and show using a web browser, archive and save it for offline consumption.

Where Does Netflix Save Downloads

You may have to download and install the software on Mac. Access shows or movies with your account on Mac. Follow the steps prescribed for downloading Netflix materials. Some screen capture programs broaden your recording horizons with extra features such as sceenshots function, archiving videos with webcam and more.

Method 2: Use Netflix Alternatives

Netflix’s stringent policy has attracted rivals who provide on-demand streaming with more lenient terms. Here’s a list of the fiercest Netflix competitors to consider.


Hulu makes a formidable rival for Netflix with its vast collection of TV series or other content. It offers on-demand video streaming and lives all-around TV services such as news, sports or entertainment. Hulu comes in handy to enjoy Cinemax, HBO, and Showtime as premium bonuses. Hulu has a thirty-day free trial before paid subscription to test the waters before sinking cash into packages.


YouTube is the first landing place for anyone seeking videos, TV shows, documentaries, movie trailers, academic materials, and more content. What’s more, YouTube boasts unique genres of content not available elsewhere. With heavy and rapidly-growing traffic, YouTube now attracts media giants such as CBS and Fox.

Sling TV

Sling TV is a US-based over-the-top internet television for subscribers to access a collection of on-demand or live channels on Mac. It means you can determine your channel list and customize your viewing experience. Starting at $25 per month, Sling TV’s streaming services offer competitive packages against Netflix.


Flowing from the above solutions, you cannot download Netflix content directly on Mac without using third-party software such as screen recording programs. Mirrored downloads of Netflix from iPod and iPhone come with the downside of limited screen size. Screen capture software removes this obstacle and enhances the efficiency to archive Netflix movies or episodes. Some will store your files offline in MP4 format.


We hope you will enjoy your downloaded Netflix shows or movies. Also, remember to choose a method that best suits your needs and resources to steer clear of handicaps. If you like these tricks, tips and hacks, please recommend or share in your social network. Lastly, drop us a line below, your comments help us re-edit and update articles.

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