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Download Maplestory On Mac With Flash

I have been playing Maplestory for almost 10 years, and throughout these 10 years I hadn’t figured out how to play MapleStory on a Mac – until now! How do I play MapleStory on my Mac OS? First off, you will need to go to Virtual Box’s website and download their latest version of the Virtual Machine and the extension pack. For 32-bit Windows® 7, Windows® 8.1, and Windows® 10 single user installation, read this section. For 64-bit Windows 7, Windows Server® 2012, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows Server® 2016 single user installation, see 64-bit Windows Single User Installation. During the installation, you will need your purchase code, generally sent to you in an email. Featuring an iconic 2D art style, MapleStory offers the thrill of explosive power, bold anime-style self-expression, and absolute control of your characters’ awesome abilities. Build your perfect custom hero from over 40 distinct classes with thousands of unique cosmetic options, and set off on your journey to face never-ending challenges.

Maple Story main objective is to hunt down and battle monsters and protect you character during the process. You can choose among 4 paths to follow during the game play and your choice will define your life within Maple Story: you can rush into the battle as a fearless Warrior, or take aim as a persistent Bowman, or tiptoe in the shadows as a.


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Maplestory for mac

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This game is a free to play MMORPG, that allows its players to dungeon crawl one minute, and play minigames the next. This game is super forgiving and has one of the most interesting characters skill trees out there.

The sequel every maplestory player needs to play

In addition to questing players can play minigames, engage in a battle royale, or harvest resources, making MapleStory 2 the perfect blend between Fortnite, Runescape, and arcade games.

Released more than ten years after the original, MapleStory 2 is a refreshing take on a timeless classic. In this MMORPG users choose one of eleven classes and can either play through the main story, or go and do any number of side quests. This game adds a level of replayability because the main questline is so fun. Users have found the main quest to be the best way to farm experience.

Download Maplestory On Mac With Flash Drive

This main quest takes about 15 to 20 hours to complete, which is very short for an MMO. There is a level cap at 50. However, once the max level is reached, players can earn prestige, which is additional levels past 50. There are a total of 100 prestige levels. Also, there are a variety of minigames and skills that can be worked on, outside of the combat-related skills. Some of the noncombat activities include mining, crafting, clothing design, and fishing. There are a total of 11 minigames in MapleStory 2; four are guild specific, and the other seven are open to all players.

One of the most interesting additions to this game, when compared to the original, is a battle royal mode. In this frenzy, up to 50 people compete to be the last man standing, and there are loot crates to help you win. The winner receives cosmetic items for their avatar.

Maplestory 2 For Mac

Where can you run this program?

Currently this game is only on PC, but MapleStory M is a mobile version of the original game.

Is there a better alternative?

Download Maplestory On Mac With Flash

No. There are alternatives, but it's hard to rank MMORPGs against each other because they all have their pros and cons. Lunaria Story, The World of Magic, and Flyff are all MMOs that are similar to Maplestory 2.

Our take

Maplestory Private Server Mac


Maplestory 2 is good for people looking for a casual multiplayer game to play. What makes it different from other easy to play MMOs is the artwork and minigames.

Download Maplestory On Mac

Should you download it?

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Yes. It's a very well developed game and, since it was released in October of 2018, there are still new features and content added regularly. This helps keep the game fresh.