Download Elder Scrolls Online Mac

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Download elder scrolls online pc

Links: FAQ Platform: PC/MAC (Digital Download) A persistent internet connection. And The Elder Scrolls ® Online account are required to play.

Elder scrolls online mac

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Download Elder Scrolls Online Mac
  1. The world of the Elder Scrolls is open to all who dare risk it. Play The Elder Scrolls: Legends on your computer to experience the online card game based on the hit video game franchise. The key to the long-lasting hold the Elder Scrolls has on gamers is in its ability to evolve and adapt, and The Elder Scrolls: Legends is no exception to that.
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  3. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Available on Xbox 360™, PLAYSTATION®3, and Games for Windows.

If you are having trouble downloading and installing The Elder Scrolls Onlineon PC/Mac, you can try the following troubleshooting steps:

Check Service Alerts

Verify the servers are not undergoing scheduled maintenance here.

If the ESO server or platform is undergoing maintenance or experiencing an outage, you will not be able to connect and download the game client until it is resolved.

Power cycle and then test your network

Turn off your network's modem or router for 10 minutes before rebooting.

Add ESO as an exception to your antivirus software

Each antivirus program is different, and we recommend you view your antivirus developer's website for full instructions on how to add exceptions.

The application files that may require exceptions are:

  • ESO_launcher: C:Program Files (x86)ZenimaxOnlineLauncher
  • ESO.exe: C:Program Files (x86)ZenimaxOnlineThe Elder Scrolls Onlinegameclienteso.exe (by default)

Some antivirus programs require entire folders to be selected instead of a single file.When this is the case, the file paths below are what players should use. If required by the antivirus program, include all subfolders since every file is critical to run the game.

  • C:Program Files (x86)Zenimax OnlineThe Elder Scrolls Online

Forward the game ports

To best access The Elder Scrolls Online you should configure you routers to open the following outbound ports:

All Platforms

  • TCP / UDP Ports 24100 through 24131
  • TCP / UDP Ports 24500 through 24507
  • TCP / UDP Ports 24300 through 24331
  • TCP Port 80
  • TCP Port 433

If you are playing the game through Steam, we also recommend that you open the following ports:

  • TCP / UDP Ports 27000 through 27015
  • TCP / UDP Ports 27015 through 27030
  • TCP / UDP Ports 27014 through 27050
  • TCP / UDP Ports 27031 through 27036
  • TCP / UDP Ports 27036 through 27037
  • TCP / UDP Ports 4380

Give ESO and Steam access to Mac

If playing ESO on Mac, you should ensure that both Steam and ESO have access to your machine by navigating to the Security & Privacy menu, selecting Privacy, then clicking on Accessibility and adding them to the list.

Download Elder Scrolls Online Mac

Reset the ProgramData folder

If playing on PC, you can also try resetting the ProgramData folder:

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  1. Close both ESO and the ESO Launcher.
  2. Open the game's installation directory.
  3. Open the folder named Launcher.
  4. Inside the 'Launcher' folder, there is a folder named 'ProgramData'.
  5. Rename the 'ProgramData' folder to 'ProgramDataBackup'.
  6. Open the launcher and download update.
  7. Click Play.

Download Elder Scrolls Online Launcher

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