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  • Auto Capture Your ASTAK camera can be configured to automatically take a picture at a designated time interval. Snap interval: Set any duration from 11440 here. For example, in the picture above, the camera is setup to take a picture every 60 minutes.
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  • Astak, Inc and Team Research, Inc will not assume any responsibility for the illegal use of this camera. Care and Maintenance 1. Page 9: Register Your Camera Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be directed to the Yoics web interface. Yoics will automatically detect your new ASTAK camera and you should see a pop-up window asking if you want to.

DV-90 SetUp Software

The SetUp Software is used when changing the internal settings of the DV-90.The settings and the master data can be sent and received using the SetUp Software and the DV-90.All the settings in the SetUp Software can be printed as barcodes. By simply scanning the barcodes with the barcode reader connected to the DV-90, the DV-90 settings can be configured.

  • Publisher: KEYENCE Corporation
  • Last updated: September 1st, 2011


Professional Settings helps you to configure your camera. It includes all settings that you can access directly on the camera and other advanced settings that are not found on the camera such as: cellular settings, advanced image quality settings, advanced time lapse settings.

  • Publisher: RECONYX
  • Home page:www.reconyx.com
  • Last updated: November 29th, 2017

Y-CAM Setup

Astak Mole Software Download Mac

The Y-cam Setup software is an essential piece of kit for any Y-cam user, searching through your local network and finding any available Y-cam camera on the system. Previously only available in English, the Y-cam Setup software has now been updated to include French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch languages.

  • Publisher: Y-CAM
  • Last updated: March 4th, 2011


GuideDog 1.0.6 is a camera guidance software for Windows. It is clear just by looking at it that it is highly technical. Thus, I will just go over the basics. In short, if you happen to own a supported imaging device that can capture the stars at night, you can use this application to automatically guide the camera to any region of the sky.

  • Publisher: barkoSoftware
  • Home page:www.barkosoftware.com
  • Last updated: May 23rd, 2008

SM Tether


SM Tether is a digital camera tethering software which allows you to control your DSLR camera through PC with your USB data cable. This program is mainly for Nikon D3000 but it also supports other Nikon DSLR cameras which are nost supported by Nikon's camera control software.

  • Publisher: Savescu Daniel
  • Last updated: August 3rd, 2011


5AAHD was developed by 5A Systems, the main attributes of the software are: Software 5A AHD Recorder, Software 5A IP Camera Wireless, Software 5A Smart Home and Software 5A IP Wireless.Basically the software connect to all the 5A Systems products, like video cameras, wireless devices, etc.

  • Publisher: 5A SYSTEMS LLC
  • Home page:www.5asystems.com
  • Last updated: November 24th, 2017


EyeSoft has all the features of IP Camera Management Software you need for a successful IP deployment. Known for it's ability to connect to a wide range of IP cameras including: Axis, Arecont, Acti, BiKal, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony,Pelco Toshiba & more to USB Webcams and analog capture cards.

  • Publisher: NVR Pros
  • Home page:www.novosun.com
  • Last updated: January 16th, 2012


This Updater updates HS-V2 Ver.2.0, Ver3.0 and Ver3.1a-i into HS-V2 Ver.3.1k.This updater contains the following.(a)Raw file converter EX for FinePix S3 Pro / S2 Pro / S20 Pro / S9600 / S9100 / S9500 / S9000 / S7000 / S6500fd / S6000fd / S5600 / S5500 / S5200 / S5100 / S5000 / E900 / E550 / F810 / F710 / F700(b)Camera shooing software for FinePix S3 Pro* / S2 Pro / S20 Pro

  • Publisher: FUJIFILM Corporation
  • Home page:www.fujifilm.com
  • Last updated: February 24th, 2012

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer

With photo auto-optimization, Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 8 is the easy way to enhance photos. The program also comes with manual adjustments and numerous filter effects.

  • Publisher: ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG
  • Home page:www.ashampoo.com
  • Last updated: October 28th, 2020
Yoics mole software download

Camersoft Webcam Capture

Astak Yoics Setup

Camersoft WebCam Capture is a nice web camera recording software. Of course, it lets you record video using your USB web camera, but it also lets you add a variety of nice and fun effects to the video. The application's main window consists of three main panes. The one on the left shows your video.

  • Publisher: Camersoft Studio
  • Last updated: January 31st, 2012

Virtual WiFi Router

Virtual WiFi Router is a software-based router that can turn your computer into a WiFi hotspot. After a simple setup, the application will be ready to share your internet connection wirelessly to any WiFi-enabled devices. It requires Windows and .NET Framework 4.0.

  • Publisher: Ravi Kanth Eeswar . R
  • Home page:www.virtualwifirouter.com
  • Last updated: October 3rd, 2013

Network Camera Recorder

This software records or plays images with audio from the camera. Since you can record images with audio, recorded images become impressive. For example, you can use the images with audio for training employee after you record your shop scene. This software can also record multiple cameras simultaneously.

  • Publisher: Panasonic Corporation
  • Last updated: October 31st, 2013


RoboImport downloads your digital images straight from a digital memory card or a digital camera, renames them, and automates time-consuming tasks during transfer to your PC. Work like a professional.

  • Publisher: PicaJet.Com
  • Home page:www.picajet.com
  • Last updated: May 31st, 2010

EnerVista Launchpad

The EnerVista™ Launchpad software is a powerful toolset used for the complete support and management of Multilin products. Support applications including product software, manuals, and setting files management used to ensure your important files are kept up-to-date and easily accessible.

  • Publisher: GE Multilin
  • Home page:www.gedigitalenergy.com
  • Last updated: October 27th, 2010

CreateInstall Light

CreateInstall Light is intended for the creation of software installer packages. Therefore, this tool comes in particularly handy for software developers. The regular interface of this product may feel quite complex to some people. Luckily, there is still the possibility of using CreateInstall Assistant, which is quite similar to a wizard that takes you through all the basic steps.

Astak mole setup cd
  • Publisher: Novostrim, OOO
  • Home page:www.createinstall.com
  • Last updated: August 22nd, 2019

EdiView Finder

EdiView Finder is a free utility for IP Surveillance Network Cameras. The program allows you to setup and manage Edimax network cameras according to your preferences. EdiView Finder works with the following network cameras:PT-31E, PT-31W, NC-203E, NC-213E, IR-103E, IR-113E and ND-233E.

  • Publisher: Edimax Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Home page:www.edimax.com
  • Last updated: May 6th, 2016

ABF Photo Camera

Astak Mole Software Download

ABF Photo Camera is a useful application that allows you to capture images in a simple way. But that is not all this program does. Using this software you will be able to watch video without exiting the application's main window. The program supports command line parameters.

  • Publisher: ABF software, Inc.
  • Home page:www.abf-soft.com
  • Last updated: September 22nd, 2020

Astak Mole Setup Cd

Actual Installer

Actual Installer allows you to create installation programs for your Windows applications. Simply fill-out the necessary forms and attach the program's files, and this tool will automatically create an executable installer for you. You can also specify multilingual installations, customizable dialogs, registry modifications, and checking of system requirements.

  • Publisher: Softeza Development
  • Home page:www.actualinstaller.com
  • Last updated: April 17th, 2020


Astak Ip-700 Software Download


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